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Bananas from Solapur and Jalgaon in Maharashtra

G9 bananas,are one of the most popular banana varieties grown in IndiaThey are a type of dessert banana, which means they are eaten raw when fully ripened. G9 bananas are known for their sweet, creamy and consistent flavor, and their firm, creamy texture.These bananas are Long, Thick Green colour and it turns Bright yellow as they start to ripen G9 bananas are highly sought after in the international market due to their excellent taste, These varity is came form the state of Maharastra in India. The Majour Importer of G9 Banana from India is Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Qatar

Standard Packaging Information

  • Container : 40 feet reefer
  • Total Boxes : 1540
  • Weight : 13.5kg Net. 14.7kg Gross.
  • Banana Chilling : O
  • Hands : 4, 5, and 6.(In 33% equal ratio)
  • Length : 18 CM To 22 CM Pulp to Tip
  • Box quality : 3ply top 5 ply bottom strong box

We 100% assure about best and sound quality.