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Red Onions

Red Onions

The red onion is a high-quality onion that is renowned for both its flavour and scent. It is grown in Maharashtra, an Indian state with excellent land. Most onion types cannot compare to the distinctive flavour of this Onion. It also has a reputation for its high nutrition and health benefits. The Nashik Onion available in various sizes. Our onions are hand-selected from trustworthy farmers to ensure that only the best kinds are exported. We take pride in delivering our clients with the finest onion at reasonable pricing.

Standard Packaging Information

  • Size Range Availibility 25mm+, 35mm+, 45mm+, 55mm+, 60mm+
  • Packing : Red Mesh Bag & Jute Bag
  • Packing option : 4kg to 50kg Bag (as per customer need )
  • 1 X 40 ft Refregrated Container Capacity : 29000 Kgs

Red Onions Speciality

  • It has a longer shelf life than other onion varieties, making it a preferred choice for export purposes.
  • Nashik onion is commonly used in cuisine, particularly in curries, biryanisand it is also popular in international markets for its quality and taste.
  • India is one of the largest onion producers in the world, and Indian onions are exported to various countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East.
  • These onions are widely available throughout India and are also exported to other countries, making them a popular choice for consumers around the world.
  • Red onions have a milder and sweeter taste compared to yellow or white onions, making them ideal for raw consumption